Victim Visa
Hardship Waivers
Family Visa


Student Visa
Legal Services
Work Visa
 Victim Visas 
 U-Visas for Victims of Violent and other Serious Crimes in the US and VAWA status for abused spouses whose partners were US Citizens or Green Card holders .
 Student Visas and  DACA Program 
F-1 Student Visas and F-1 OPT and STEM OPT extensions, and DACA Applications.
 Work Visas  
H-1b Visas, O-Visas and EB-2 Employment-based Immigration Visas (Work-Based Green Card).
 Hardship Waivers 
Waivers allowing individuals to apply for immigration benefits who would otherwise be prohibited from doing so due to unlawful presence in the US, certain criminal convictions or previous immigration misrepresentation or fraud.
 Family Sponsorship  and Citizenship 
K-1 Fiancé Visas, I-130 Immediate Relative Petitions (Family Green Card), Derivative Relative Petitions, and N-400 Naturalization (Citizenship) services.
 Other Legal Services 
Other services offered include Expungement, Pardons, Good Conduct Certificates and other forms of mitigation of past criminal convictions, Real Estate Transfers, Wills, Trust & Estates, Lemon Law, and Post-Divorce Support Modification Agreements.